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Cove Farms – Wholesale and Retail Palm Tree Grower News

  • Let us help you create beautiful spaces.
  • Please make an appointment before visiting our farm location.
  • We only ship by the truckload.
  • The buyer is responsible for all local regulations and inspections.
  • You can pick up as many as you want at our location.

For over 20 years we have been making a positive impact in our community and the world

Let’s reduce our carbon footprint by planting more trees!

Growing trees isn’t just healthy for the environment and reducing greenhouse gases, it is our business. You could say that we help save the world by growing palm trees. Our business doesn’t just make the world a better place to live, but also, a more beautiful place to live.

We have been serving our customers better than ever before! We have fields and fields of palm trees, so don’t hesitate to contact us and order your next truck load of palms at CoveFarms.com

Into another summer and the Palm Trees look beautiful!

Our palm trees look great and we are happy to be offering our customers new low rates on all our trees. Ask us about our triple Christmas Palms!

Order Foxtail Palms Tree Seeds

Have you ever thought, where can I find Foxtail Palm Tree Seeds? Well, you can buy Foxtail Palm Tree Seeds directly from Cove Farms. We think Foxtail Palms are one of the most beautiful palm trees you can have.

We sell to Palm Tree Nurseries/Distributors, Brokers, Landscapers and Homeowners

We sell our palm trees to EVERYONE!

We have received so many calls and emails from interested parties who are homeowners looking to buy a couple palm trees for their land. Among the calls we receive, are from people looking for palm tree advice. We are happy to help provide our customers with palm tree support. Our business model is to help our customers find the palm trees there are looking for an affordable price and in a timely manner.

In this tough economy we are helping to keep overall palm tree prices affordable to the end consumer by providing landscapers, brokers & palm tree nursery businesses the margins they need to stay profitable.

Cove Farms is a Palm Tree Grower Wholesaler & Distributor. We provide nurseries, landscapers and home owners with the lowest prices. Thank you for reading this important announcement.

It’s Areca Palm Tree Seed/Fruit Season Again!
We are happy to announce that we have thousands of Areca Palm tree fruit available for order. Order yours now at the best prices around. We have special prices for orders over 100 seeds/fruit.

Order yours now and plant your own. But, you must order now because the seeding season will only last through October!

As the Palm Tree Grows, Cove Farms Grows too
Cove Farms has undergone a slight change in appearance. Cove Farms has gone from “America’s Palm Tree Grower to Wholesale Palm Tree Grower” To make it clearer…we sell our trees to everyone. Cove Farms is a Palm Tree Farm and that means we do business with consumers too. It’s important to know that we value the consumer as well as our larger market.

We sell in large quantities. In fact, the more you buy, the better deal we can give you. We do well selling to nurseries, brokers, landscapers & palm tree distributors, but we decided to open up to homeowners too. This is exciting news! We will continue to make sure all of our customers get the palm trees you need to complete your landscaping needs, when you need it.

Buy Areca Palm Tree Seeds!
Because we have such an over-abundance of Areca Palm Tree seeds, we are offering these seeds to you for a limited time at unbeatable prices. Cove Farms will package the Palm Tree Seeds and ship them to you.

These seeds are hand picked, so that means you will receive the freshest Palm Tree Seeds found anywhere! Although there is an over-abundance of seeds right now, it is only for a limited time. Unfortunately the seeding season only lasts a couple of months. We can’t offer this deal all year long. Call us now to obtain your Areca Palm Tree seeds now!

Cove goes international!
In recent months the United States Government has been restoring Embassies across the globe, giving them a new look and a more inviting atmosphere. Cove has been chosen as one of many palm distributors to supply the government with ‘home grown’ plants in an effort to curb the outsourcing trend in American work programs.