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We handle all of our support calls and e-mails personally, please allow 1-2 business days for a response.

Cove Farms only sells it's Whole Tilapia & Live Tilapia as wholesale to distributors, wholesalers and resturants etc.

Email us here at our simple, automated email contact form.

Name Title
Frank Valcarcel Owner/President
Peggy Cozadd Senior Sales Manager
Hank Grimmick Previous Senior Associate @ Cove Farms
Nathaniel M Burman Web Guru / VP of Marketing
Jorge Pang Previous Oceanographer / Marine Biologist @ Cove Farms

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Home of the Tasty Tilapia

Cove Farms
4370 Woodstock Rd.
St James City, Florida 33956

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* Live Tilapia is a nonnative and restricted species that requires a permit in Florida to purchase, transport and sell.

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