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Cove Farms is dedicated towards providing you with the freshest & healthiest Tilapia on the market. We have more than 30 years experience in aquaculture and the experience needed to give you the absolute best product for your money.

Our Senoir Oceonologist & Marine Biologist has extensively worked in the aquaculture field and provides Cove Farms with an extreme advantage to our competitors.

We farm the freshest, tastiest & healtiest tilapia on the market. We believe in an environmentaly safe farming process & do everything we can to keep the environment clean; we support the latest FDA requirements for Tilapia farming. Our facilities are clean, inspected and provide our employees and Tilapia with a happy & healthy environment.

Our Tilapia have room to exercise; so that you get the healthiest & tastiest Tilapia fish.

Our Tilapia are farm raised right here in Florida.

Email us here at our simple, automated email contact form.

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* Live Tilapia is a nonnative and restricted species that requires a permit in Florida to purchase, transport and sell.

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