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Wholesale Palm Trees Grower

  • Please make an appointment before visiting our farm location.
  • Understand that we only ship by the truckload.
  • The buyer is responsible for all local regulations and inspections.
  • You can pick up as many as you want at our location.

  • We are making a positive impact in the world and our communities

    Growing trees isnít just healthy for the environment and reducing greenhouse gases, it is our business. I guess you could say that we help save the world by growing palm trees. Our business doesnít just make the world a better place to live, but also, a more beautiful place to live.

    We have been serving our customers better than ever before! We have fields and fields of palm trees, so donít hesitate to contact us and order your next load at CoveFarms.com

    Into another summer and the Palm Trees look beautiful!

    We had a lot of cold snaps this winter; and, while some palm trees were unfortunately damanged by the cold, ours came through it stronger. Our palm trees look great and we are happy to be offering our customers new low rates on all our trees. Ask us about our triple Christmas Palms!

    Order Foxtail Palms Tree Seeds

    Have you ever thought, where can I buy Foxtail Palm Tree Seeds? Well, right now for one month only you can buy Foxtail Palm Tree Seeds. Buy them direct from Cove Farms. We think Foxtail Palms are one of the most beautiful palm trees you can have.

    Buy Foxtail Palmtree seeds here.

    We only sell to Palm Tree brokers & landscapers :)

    We need to set the record straight. We only sell our palm trees to Landscapers & Palm Tree Nurseries and palm tree distributors/wholesalers & palm tree brokers!

    We have received so many calls and emails from interested parties who are homeowners looking to buy a couple palm trees for their land. Among those calls we receive are from people looking for palm tree advice. We do not provide homeowners or palm tree owners with palm tree support. Our business model is not built on giving out advice how to help you recover your dying palm tree, etc. We do not discriminate against homeowners; itís just that we donít sell to homeowners either.

    In this tough economy we are helping to keep overall palm tree prices affordable to the end consumer by providing landscapers & palm tree brokers the margins they need to stay profitable.

    Cove Farms is a Palm Tree Grower Wholesaler & Distributor. We provide nurseries, brokers & landscapers with the lowest prices on palm trees period. Thank you for reading this important announcement.

    To continue to the Cove Farms website Click here.

    Landscapers & Nurseries place your palm tree orders here.

    Wholesale Palm Trees SALE!

    We just have too many beautiful palm trees! Right now, all our palm trees are on sale, including: Christmas Palms, Bismark Palms, Coconut, Foxtail palm trees, Queens, Royals, and more! We have decided that because we have so many wholesale palm trees we are going to make some really great deals. Please contact us for more information regarding prices and availability.

    Wholesale Palm Trees have never been so cheap!

    Out of Winter & Into Summer

    We have finnaly made it into summer. We didn't loose a single tree in the winter , although a few trees did get mild frost bitten from the cold snaps. Now, the trees look healthier than ever.

    Nurseries and landscapers are urged to ask us about our current inventory and prices. They really are the best on the market. Nurseries and landscappers should also ask us how we can partnership with them in order to make the best of the current economic climate and stay growing - just like our palms are.


    (Email for specifics)

    Wholesale Palm Trees, & PalmCo Partnerships

    Cove Farms - The Wholesale Palm Tree Grower has teamed up with PalmCo in order to provide you with the widest selection of palm trees and palm tree services possible. PalmCo has over 1,000 acres of palm trees, and is one of the largest palm tree growers in the country.

    They have been in business since 1984 and grow more than 20 varieties of quality B&B palm trees. With PalmCo as our partner we can now ship throughout the State of Florida, into Southern Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the Caribbean.

    With this partnership we can service a wider audience and continue to beautify America with our different types of palm trees.

    Palm Trees and Whole Tilapia

    Cove Farm's still sells palm trees. We can offer you the best wholsale prices on Palm Trees. We are proud to announce that there is a new division of Cove Farms, the Aquaculture side, Cove Farms - Home of the Tasty Tilapia.

    The front page of Cove Farms has been redesigned to showcase both areas of Cove Farms; the Aquaculture and the Agriculture areas. To the left is the link and news to Cove Farms - The Palm Tree Wholesaler, and to the right is the link and news for Cove Farms - the Home of the Tasty Tilapia.

    Cove Farms is happy to offer these products at wholesale prices.

    Wholesale by the Truckload - Live & Whole Tilapia

    Cove Farms
    Wholesale by the Truckload - Live & Whole Tilapia

    Please make an appointment before visiting our farm location.

    Fresh Live Wholesale Tilapia by the Truckload Only

    Cove Farms is having a good year selling to fish haulers by the truckload at our farm gate. We want to thank all of our trusted & valued customers for helping us continue to offer top-of-class Tilapia. Fish haulers are welcome to contact us and make an appointment by phone or email.

    We do not sell individual fish to retail customers and we do not at this time sell to home growers who want to purchase a small amount of fish. Our philosophy is that we hope to better serve the fish haulers and distributors with a Tilapia that is healthy and savory so that in turn the end customer is better served.

    We develop relationships with fish haulers and distributors and do not have any plans to serve the retail market. This allows us to offer the best fair-market prices on our Tilapia in the area. Thank you to all our customers for making this a great year.

    Tilapia Love The Warm Florida Water

    We, here at Cove Farms, would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our new Tilapia Live Hauler cutomers! You have made the year a good one. And, now that the waters are warming up again, the Tilapia are eating voraciously and they look delicious.

    To continue to the Cove Farms Tilapia website Click here.

    Live Haulers place your Live Tilapia orders here.

    Backyard Tilapia Buyers Read This!

    At this time Cove Farms has no plans to offer our Tilapia to Home Growers. We donít discriminate against Tilapia home growers; itís just that home growers are not our target market. We want you to be successful at what you love to do and that is why we would like to direct your attention to tilapiafarmingathome.com. Tilapia Home Growers should contact them for support and opportunities on how to purchase tilapia for home use.
    • We do not ship Live or Whole Tilapia, anywhere
    • Cove Farms is located in South West Florida.
    • We offer a minimum farm gate pick-up of 100 fish.
    Cove Farms has built its success upon providing Live Haulers & restaurants and Tilapia distributors with the most affordable prices and tastiest Tilapia in the market!

    To continue to the Cove Farms Tilapia website Click here.

    Live Haulers place your Live Tilapia orders here.

    Fish Sold Out to October 2009
    Taking Future Orders

    It's great news for us, because we have sold all of our fish stock! We have been amplifying our production cycle and by October we will once again be able to provide the best, Freshest Tilapia on the market!

    We are now forced to take future orders. Please make your orders here. Wholesale Only. We have the freshest, healthiest Tilapia. Our Live & Whole Tilapia are free of toxins, raised without growth hormones and are organicaly grown.

    Whole Tilapia ready for the Lent Holiday

    Cove Farms is amping up production of the freshest tilapia on the market. We are getting ready for the Christian holiday Lent by fattening up our supplies of Live Tilapia & Whole Tilapia. Our Fresh Tilapia is the perfect fish for your holiday feast!

    These Tilapias are literally jumping out of the water and onto your plates; they are so fresh. We give our Live Tilapia & Whole Tilapia the freshest wholesale prices in the market!

    Don't buy your fish from a 'third world' country; you don't know how they handle your fish. Our Tilapia is Fresh Tilapia that is treated with the utmost care so that you receive the freshest, healthiest & tastiest Tilapia period.

    Cove Farms provides the Tasty Tilapia for Wholesale

    Cove Farms has returned to it's 'old' ways. We are now selling Whole & Live Tilapia again! If you knew us a few years ago then you knew we sold the tastiest talapia around. Our product is highly sought after by a large ethnic market that demands freshness. We offer Whole Tilapia on ice, and Live Tilapia. You can't find Tilapia around that is fresher than our Live Tilapia, It's still swimming it's so fresh!

    We can provide you with the freshest & tastiest Whole & Live Tilapia found anywhere.

    Call or email us for prices.
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